Supercomputing 2020

During SC20, Intel and its ecosystem partners will demonstrate how Intel’s high performance computing (HPC) hardware and software solutions can enable the HPC community to continue to innovate, while propelling the industry into the exascale era.

Intel’s participation at SC20 will include a keynote from Trish Damkroger, general manager of Intel’s HPC group; technical presentations; fireside chats; virtual demos; technical paper sessions; live “ask the expert” sessions; and Intel’s inaugural oneAPI Developer Summit.

Intel will demonstrate how it is addressing growth in heterogenous workloads – from artificial intelligence (AI) to HPC – through a combined hardware and software design approach that leverages CPU, GPU, FPGA and other accelerators. This approach is supported by Intel® oneAPI toolkits, which provide a common, open and standards-based cross-architecture programming model.

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