Intel CEO Talks Disruption, Data and Intel Capital at 2019 Global Summit

During a fireside chat on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, at the Intel Capital Global Summit with Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Anshel Sag (left), Warner Bros. Entertainment Chief Digital Officer Thomas Gewecke discusses how WB is looking at ways to disrupt entertainment through engagement and immersion. The annual event, which runs April 1-3 in Phoenix, is the venture industry’s premier technology networking gathering. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Last week at the Intel Capital Global Summit, Intel CEO Bob Swan and Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard took the stage for a wide-ranging conversation on the conference theme of disruption and data. They also discussed the role that Intel Capital and its portfolio of high-tech startup investments plays in the company’s data-centric transformation.

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Swan described Intel Capital’s role as a combination of strategic, financial and cultural. He said Intel can provide scale and technical insights that companies may not get from other venture capitalists. In exchange, Intel benefits from the outside perspective on technology trends that its portfolio companies bring.

“We view our portfolio companies as one of those ways culturally that we can stay extremely contemporary with those that are doing massive disruptive things out in the tech world,” Swan said. “We’d like to think that those companies are better off as a result of hanging out with us, and we know that we are better off as a result of hanging out with them.” 网站文章仅限于提供更多信息,不代表本网站立场观点。如需转载,请注明来源 。转载之文章来源于互联网,如有版权问题,请与我们联系。

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